Program Overview
Due to growing global trends and interest in cultural exchanges, Chinese has become one of the most powerful languages in the world, second only to English; and numerous nations worldwide have already incorporated the Chinese language as a crucial part of their own language education. In the interests of meeting the high demand for Chinese language teachers, as well as helping the students of the University cultivate an additional expertise and increase their chances of employment, the Departments of Chinese Literature, Foreign Languages and Literatures, and the Language Center have come together to establish the Program of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. 
Program Goals
The program aims to help students do the following:
1. Exploring the knowledges relevant to Chinese as a Second Language and the Chinese language;
2. Researching into Chinese language teaching methods and materials;
3. Cultivating an additional expertise in Teaching of Chinese as a Second Language;
4. Building an understanding of the development in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language as well as Chinese cultures and society;
5. Developing an integrated ability for the practice of Chinese language teaching. 
Applications are open for students of NCHU Bachelor Programs (including students from the Bachelor’s Degree Further Study Programs) in their second year or above. Students from the Bachelor’s Degree Further Study Programs must abide by 國立中興大學學士班與進修學士班學生互選課程辦法 to enroll in the Program of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. 
Requirements for Application
When applying for the program, the applicant must present an academic transcript of College Chinese and Freshman English, with a minimum score of 70 for both subjects in each semester of their study.  
Documents Required for Application
Undergraduate students in their second year (or above) who wish to apply for the program must submit an application form and an original copy of their academic transcript to the Program Office (located in Room 307 of Wan-Nien Hall) in the first two weeks of the semester. All the applications will be sent to the Division of Registration. First-year students may take the courses offered by the program and then apply for the program in their second year after receiving their scores in College Chinese and Freshman English