To provide an outstanding environment for foreigners learning language and cultural and to correspond to theinternational academic policy from Ministry of Education, National Chung Hsing University language center has established Chinese class in Spring 2006. In the Fall, NCHU are allowed by MOE to enroll foreign students to learn Chinese.

In order to meet the international policy needs in National Chung Hsing University (NCHU), improve the teaching quality of Chinese and promote the culture interaction, we are going to shift Chinese class to the Chinese Language center in NCHU in 2021. At the center, we are able to offer small classes with only between 6 and 14 students. All of our tearchers are experienced and enthusiastic. The most important thing is that they are certified by MOE for Proficiency in Teaching Chinese as a Second/Foreign Language. We have a beautiful campus and environment. Learning Chinese at NCHU will be a wonderful learning experience.