Administration Personnel
Yi-Ming Shih
Tel:04-22840326 ext. 312
Job responsibility
Supervise the center business
Ricky Yu
Tel:04-22840326 ext. 399
Job responsibility
1. Admissions affairs, grading test, and issuance of admission permit
2. Student registration and visa matters
3. Teacher liaison and course scheduling
4. Course administratio
5. Web page maintenance and updates
6. Chinese learning scholarship affairs
Tina Hsu
Tel:04-22840326 ext. 205
Job responsibility
1. Online course planning and execution
2. Propaganda and poster production
3. Course promotion
4. International marketing
5. Student registration and visa affairs
6. Course administration
7. Expense write-offs
Joanna Chen
Tel:04-22840326 ext. 309
Job responsibility
1. Course business: Course planning and organization
2. Teacher selection: Assisting in interview arrangements, providing teacher support, etc
3. Fund Management: Management of teaching hourly fees, scholarships, and other program-related funds
4. Business contacts: Matters related to liaison with overseas partner schools
5. Website Management: Maintenance and Updates of the website
6. Promotion of Chinese Language Proficiency Test
7. Participate in the development of teaching materials
Mark Zheng
Tel:04-22840326 ext. 308
Job responsibility
1. Study tours
2. Students Affairs