Characteristics of the city

The Chinese Language Center of Chung Hsing University is located in Taichung, a city with a pleasant climate, a rich culture and a comfortable life. The following fascinating features will make your choice easier.

Comfortable climate

The weather in Taichung is always sunny and dry. If you have stayed here for a while, you will appreciate the pleasant climate, which provides plenty of opportunity to try out the wonderful outdoor activities available in Taichung and time to wander the city and soak in the culture. The weather in Taichung is one of the best on the island due to its central location and it provides a unique experience. 

Convenient transportation

Located in central Taiwan, Taichung is the transportation hub of the region. Whether by bus, train, high speed rail, or MRT: there are plenty of convenient connections to the surrounding areas and to other parts of the island. And within the city limits, buses are free of charge within 10 kms.

Low living expenses

Compared to Taipei, living expenses are lower in Taichung, while quality of life is on par with Taipei. Taichung’s dining, shopping, entertainment, housing and public transportation are among the best in Taiwan, all with a cost of living that is two thirds that of in Taipei.

Rich cultural heritage

Taichung is a historical city and the cultural heart of central Taiwan. There are many historical sites, temples, and museums of national significance in the city and the surrounding areas. You may even join the Matsu Pilgrimage, one of the most important religious festivals in Taiwan and experience the warmth and kindness Taichung’s people.