1. Applications with incomplete documents cannot be accepted.
3. Course materials are mostly in Chinese, supplemented by English.

4. At our center, teachers enjoy autonomy in the design of their courses and their choice of teaching methods. If students are not satisfied with their courses, they should communicate with teachers directly or apply for a refund of their tuition fee.

5. Applications for the refund should be filed between the first two weeks after the class starts. For refund policy please refer to item12.

6. Students who have been absent for more than 40 hours cannot apply for next term and cannot apply again within half year.

7. Students who do not pass the final exam cannot go to next level but have to repeat classes at the same level. A level can be repeated only once.

8. The Chinese Language Center is part of NCHU’s extensive education program. Students at the Chinese Language Center are therefore not enrolled at NCHU and not entitled to use the university’s facilities i.e. library or gym.

9. The center does not provide dormitory space for its students. Students need to find accommodation by themselves.

10.Information which the Center provides about the process of acquiring a visa is only for reference. The Center cannot be held liable for any legal problem arising during this process.

11.Students will be expelled from the program if they violate the laws of the R.O.C or provide false information to the center.

12.Refund Policy:
A.  Only the tuition fee can be refunded. Refunds cannot include the registration fee.
B. Tuition for short term classes (eight weeks max) cannot be refunded.
C. Before the term begins, you can get 90% refund of tuition payment if you are not able to join.
D. Between first two weeks of a term, refunds cover 70% of the tuition payment.
E.  Between third and fourth weeks of a term, refunds cover 50% of the tuition payment.
F.  After the fifth week, students are no longer eligible for a refund.
G. 不翻譯
H. In accordance with NCHU regulations, the refund will be transferred to the bank account of the student or immediate family members.
I.  Missed classes will not be refunded, nor can the missed hours be made up at a later time.