In the eyes of international students – A different version of National Chung Hsing University. Welcome to study in NCHU, Taiwan!
Translated by: Chen-Xuan Hsu, Lei Shih, Office of International Affairs of NCHU

National Chung Hsing University (NCHU) is committed to cultivating international talents and continuously promoting campus internationalization. Now, more than 800 international students are enrolled in the university.

In 2022, Office of International Affairs of NCHU and Fichet Taiwan jointly produced a video for international students, trying to help students in foreign countries to realize the characteristics and beauty of NCHU from a different perspective.

The protagonist of this film is ADITYA GAUTAMA, an Indonesian student studying in the Department of Horticulture of NCHU. From the perspective of Aditya Gautama, this film tells the story of a foreign student who came to NCHU alone with ideals and courage. Just like the fruit he plants, he gradually grows and thrives over time. Also, NCHU Chinese Language Center has set up a variety of Chinese courses to cultivate students' fluency in Chinese, so that foreign students can overcome language barriers. Also, rich clubs and sports activities provide opportunities for students to relieve stress and make friends. And let foreign students have the courage to try and fulfill themselves. Take ADITYA for example, he got the courage to challenge himself and joined the badminton team of NCHU, and even played the leading role in this film. From the writing of the script, and the conception of the scene, to the processing of various details in the shooting scene, he widened his horizons. He truly fulfills his self-expectation that “Learning in daily life is another way of training”. At the end of the film, he could confidently and fluently express in Chinese: "Welcome to study in Taiwan, Ayo, dating kuliah ke Taiwan!"

NCHU provides multiple entrance ways for foreign students to study in Taiwan, including international degree students, dual degree students, general exchange students, laboratory exchange students and various international programs, etc. NCHU is also committed to building a friendly international campus environment and providing foreign students with academic and life support. OIA of NCHU hopes to present the study and life of foreign students in NCHU through this video and encourage overseas students to choose Taiwan, even NCHU as their first choice to study aboard. With this film, it’s believed that NCHU’s efforts to promote international education will be seen widely.
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Video link: https://youtu.be/dHeYBJ57ZMc